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ALLERGIES: Environmental and food allergies can have a significant impact on daily life. Dietary analysis, acupuncture, and herbal medicines are proven to be effective remedies. IgG & IgE Food Sensitivity Testing is effective for determining major food sensitivities.
WOMEN'S HEALTH: From prenatal preparation to menopause, hormone changes, or general health prevention, women today experience a variety of health concerns. An individualized treatment plan will target your primary health concerns and may include hormone tests, nutritional & lifestyle counseling, herbal medicines, neutraceuticals, and acupuncture. Your treatment plan can complement any allopathic care as well.
FERTILITY: Difficulty conceiving is on the rise. Naturopathic Medicine offers a unique treatment approach that may act alone, or complement ongoing fertility treatments (timed intercourse, IUI, IVF).  Naturopathic treatments including acupuncture, dietary changes, and supplementation have all been proven successful treatment approaches.
*Both partners are encouraged to engage in Naturopathic care.
ANXIETY & DEPRESSION: Acupuncture and neutraceuticals offer an alternative treatment choice. They can also be used to complement allopathic treatment.
DIGESTIVE DISORDERS: Naturopathic medicine offers individualized treatment plans for slight digestive disturbances, GERD, IBS, Chron's, Colitis, and more.
PEDIATRICS: From infants to teenagers, parents look for alternative treatments. Naturopathic Medicine offers effective alternatives for many pediatric health concerns.
SKIN CONDITIONS: The heath of our skin is affected by our dietary and lifestyle habits. Food allergy testing, dietary changes, and herbal supplements will be considered.
ARTHRITIS/MUSCULOSKELETAL CONDITIONS: Acupuncture, ultrasound, body work, and dietary and lifestyle counseling will be considered in your individualized treatment plan.
WEIGHT ISSUES: Diets do not work. Your individualized Naturopathic plan will aim to change your lifestyle in a way that is obtainable and successful through labratory testing  of specific hormones, counseling, computerized dietary analysis, and acupuncture.
FATIGUE: Tired of being tired? Hormones, diet, and lifestyle may all be slowing you down. After a extensive intake and necessary lab tests are completed to determine the root cause of your exhaustion, your individualized treatment plan will have you feeling well rested!